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Life Insurance For Everyone

Lower Your Life Insurance Rates !
Several insurance carriers have introduced "preferred rates".
Although you may have purchased a Term policy several years ago, your rates can be lowered when you apply and qualify for "preferred rates".  For further details contact us today.

Do You Own Existing Whole Life Policies in Your Existing Insurance Portfolio ?
Are you aware of the significant options that existing Whole Life policies have?
These options can be used to increase your coverage at no cost.
Contact us today for details.

Personal Life Insurance:
Term Insurance - Temporary coverage for term periods of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 year terms.  Most plans are guaranteed renewable and convertible without evidence of insurability.  Call today for your personal quote.

Whole Life Insurance - Permanent coverage for the life of the insured.  Available with or without cash values.  Guaranteed paid-up insurance plans with 10, 15, 20 pay periods.  Also available are participating plans with dividends and non participating.  These plans are typically customized for the clients needs.

Universal Life - Universal life is a plan of permanent life insurance that combines life insurance and accumulated tax deferred funds in one program.  Clients can choose from a wide variety of investment options to accumulate savings on a tax deferred basis while maintaining coverage for the whole of life.  This plan offers the client the most flexibility and choice, and changes can be made to this plan at virtually any time.  Hence the name Universal Life - it can be changed as the clients needs change.

Corporate and Business Life Insurance:

  • Key Man Insurance

  • Business Buy-Out

  • Split Dollar

  • Buy - Sell Insurance

  • Share Redemption Plans

  • Group Insurance

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