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Investments for Everyone:
We believe in advising clients to hold a well planned, properly diversified portfolio.  The products we recommend are customized to the clients long term financial goals.

A complete financial portfolio analysis is available by simply contacting us.  We want your money to grow!  Contact us today - Investments for Everyone are available for the novice as well as the experienced investor.

Special Offer - RRSP Loans at Prime-1%:
Life Insurance For Everyone now offers RRSP loans from as low as one percent below prime.  This is an unbelievable offer.  This rate of one percent below prime is less than most other financial institutions.  Call today for details.

Investment Products:

  • RRSP

  • RIF

  • LIF

  • Annuities

  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates

  • Guaranteed Investment Funds

  • Segregated Mutual Funds

  • Leveraged Premium Plans

  • RRSP Loans

  • Assortment of Educational Savings Plans

  • Registered Educational Savings Plans

  • Back-to-Back & Life Annuity Needs

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